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Online recruiting platform continues to grow despite uncertain time

ImRecruitable (pronounced I'm Recruitable), an online recruiting platform that allows student-athletes to connect with college coaches, has seen a 30 percent increase in athlete sign ups and a 50 percent increase in college coach activity despite the uncertainty ca

used by the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, the platform offers resources for eight sports and allows users to easily access information related to a college’s athletic programs.

Tarek Merchant, the CEO and founder, is excited about the continued growth of the company and believes technology will be the future for recruiting.

“Due to COVID-19 and NCAA rules, coaches are restricted to recruiting behind the desk,” said Merchant. “This has forced many coaches that prefer to discover athletes in person to go online. I believe coaches will get comfortable with the new normal and businesses from all industries will realize they can hold a video meeting to accomplish the same result as being in person. As colleges continue to make budget cuts, these cost saving practices will translate quickly into athletic recruitment.”

Back in 2012, Merchant, a former college tennis player, realized how challenging the recruitment process was for him and his fellow athletes. He then decided to pursue a career in the recruiting space to support student-athletes by developing a platform and network that allows them to search colleges based on their specific interests.

When a student creates a profile with ImRecruitable they have the ability to showcase their athletic accomplishments and can reach out to coaches directly at the schools they are interested in playing for. Additionally, college coaches can search prospects and have the option to reach out to athletes that could be a good fit for their program.

Merchant’s goal was not to eliminate traditional recruiting tactics such as traveling to college campuses; rather, he wanted to streamline the process through technology by allowing students to save time and energy while researching multiple schools. Merchant believes that technology will be a driving force behind identifying prospects during the recruitment process and draws a direct parallel to LinkedIn, in the way the platform focuses on making connections.

“I believe that ImRecruitable is the LinkedIn for high school athletes and college coaches because we can provide the tools, network and connections for easy recruitment,” said Merchant.

ImRecruitable currently has over 5,000 athletes and 30,000 college coaches in the network. Additionally, the platform has a complete database of every college that offers a student’s sport in which the search can be narrowed down based on factors such as collegiate division, tuition fees, majors and many more.

About ImRecruitable:

To create your FREE online profile with ImRecruitable go to and choose if you are an athlete, a parent or a college coach. Once you sign up, you can begin to build your profile and connect with athletes, colleges and coaches.

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