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Who We Are

About ImRecruitable

ImRecruitable is known as the “go-to” college athletic recruiting platform, with a database of over 35,000 college coaches using ImRecruitable to find athletes in their respective sports. Since 2009, ImRecruitable has offered connections between college coaches and student-athletes around the world, recruiting advice, and an extensive set of tools and services that help on their mission to play their sport in college.


To create rewarding opportunities for student athletes and college coaches.



The mission of ImRecruitable is simple: Provide products and services that successfully connect athletes and college coaches in a productive and cost effective way.


Then and Now


ImRecruitable began in a college dorm room in 2007.  Then student athlete, now founder of ImRecruitable, Tarek Merchant officially launched the company in 2009. Today, ImRecruitable is the leading recruiting platform and network for high school student-athletes and college coaches.

Our Philosophy


Recruiting It is a family process. However without the athlete leading the charge, the chances of finding a best fit college is low. ​No matter what stage you are in your recruitment journey, we provide recruiting solutions for every family. ImRecruitable allows you to share, communicate, and discover in a whole new way! On the court, or on the field, you’ve worked relentlessly. Early morning practices, late night workouts, and battles with your biggest rivals; your hard work deserves to be recognized. Let the world know you’re ready for college athletics. Announce your arrival with ImRecruitable! 

Why ImRecruitable?

ImRecruitable is known as the LinkedIn for college athletic recruiting. Individuals who join LinkedIn are either looking for a job, want to discover prospects for jobs and connect with business professionals. Similarly, individuals should join ImRecruitable if they are looking to get recruited, discover prospects and want to connect with student-athletes and college coaches.

We are a team of former college athletes and coaches who understand the recruiting process and are qualified to guide you through the process and help you turn your dream of playing your sport in college a reality!

Let's Get Started!

Get expert guidance by joining the college sports recruiting network trusted by athletes and college coaches today!  
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