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About ImRecruitable

Welcome to ImRecruitable, the most trusted recruiting network where high school athletes and over 30,000 college coaches discover and connect with each other to make and build college teams. 


To create rewarding opportunities for everyone in the sports world.



The mission of ImRecruitable is simple: connect athletes and college coaches to make them more productive, cost-effective, and successful. 


Who are we?


ImRecruitable began in founder Tarek Merchant's college dorm room in 2007 and was officially launched in 2009. 

Today, ImRecruitable is the leading recruiting platform and network for high school student-athletes and college coaches. Athletes use ImRecruitable to build their recruiting profile, search colleges, connect with college coaches and track coaches' interests. College coaches use ImRecruitable to discover and recruit athletes for their college sports teams.

Our Philosophy


We have always believed that athletes and college coaches should handle the recruiting process for two important reasons. #1. The coaches want to connect with athletes directly and vice versa.

#2. Choosing the right college for your academics, athletics and social life (networking) can only be done if you understand the opportunities that each college provides.


Therefore, we are not agents. We provide the necessary tools that make it easier to market yourself, communicate, get discovered and ultimately get recruited by college coaches.

Why ImRecruitable?

ImRecruitable is known as the LinkedIn for college athletic recruiting. Individuals who join LinkedIn are either looking for a job, want to discover prospects for jobs and connect with business professionals. Similarly, individuals should join ImRecruitable if they are looking to get recruited, discover prospects and want to connect with student-athletes and college coaches. 





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