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College Athletic Recruiting Guide

The recruiting process is complicated. Follow our guide to get recruited!

College Recruiting Process 

Most families spend countless hours scrolling through the internet to help their student-athletes get recruited. Consequently, ImRecruitable created the College Recruiting Guide to help families navigate this difficult process. This guide will cover college recruiting basics, and include insider tips from leading recruiting experts, coaches, and student-athletes.

Getting Recruited


Finding the Best Fit Colleges

Unfortunately, the chances of a recruit being offered a position and scholarship at one of their dream schools is typically low. As a result, it is recommended that student-athletes build a comprehensive list of schools to maximize their opportunities and to ultimately find their best match. This section will help athletes develop that list of target programs. 
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Contacting College Coaches

Effectively communicating with coaches is a key aspect of the recruiting process. This section of the guide will explain how athletes can best communicate with coaches. 

Creating a Recruiting Video

Student-athletes can attend many different events such as camps, combines and showcases. These events give student-athletes the opportunity to showcase their abilities in front of coaches and ultimately maximize their recruiting possibilities. This section will explain the different types of events, what events to attend and how athletes can get noticed at these events. 

Camps, Combines, and Showcases

A highlight or skills video can make a significant difference to an athlete's recruiting capabilities. This section will explain what coaches look for in these videos, give tips on how to create a recruiting video, and explain where best to include or publish such a video.

Managing the Recruiting Process

The recruiting process has many layers and deadlines. Families are often wondering what is the next step in the recruiting process. This section will give an outline of the steps families should take at each stage in this process, as well list the important deadlines. 

Recruiting Guidelines

It is important for athletes and their families to know when they can contact coaches, visit college campuses and receive verbal offers. This section goes over all the NCAA recruiting rules per division, as well as the different contact periods in college sports recruiting. 
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