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College football offers athletes the opportunity  to play against  high-level competition while also studying at a University. College football is the number one major collegiate sport and the second highest level of American Football after the NFL. Playing college football is the best pathway to reach your dreams  or even become drafted to play in the NFL. To realize these dreams you need to maximize your exposure to college coaches and find the right school and football program. 


College coaches heavily rely on scouting players using online recruiting networks, so they can see all the information they need to properly assess you as a prospect. College coaches need to see your recruiting video, key stats, academic level (GPA), contact information and more!


  • Maximize your potential: Learn and apply the values that are useful in all aspects in life. College sport teaches you the importance of teamwork, leadership, goal setting, work ethic, time management, discipline and handling pressure.

  • Develop relationships and make connections: The network you create from your sport can open the door for many things in life including job opportunities, friendships and partnerships.

  • Live a healthier lifestyle: Regular exercise helps boost immunity and contributes to overall physical health. 


The following table numerically summarizes the availability of football scholarships across the United States. Note: This shows the number of maximum scholarships a college can provide. This is called “fully funded”. However, many colleges do not have the maximum and therefore the number of total scholarships can be less than shown in the table. Athletic scholarships at colleges change yearly with increases and decreases, so you cannot fully determine who has available scholarships except by joining a network like ImRecruitable where you can find out directly what is available from the coaches. 


In addition to a player profile a coach will want to see a highlight video. Knowing what to do can be difficult, so we have listed some guidelines to follow when filming your highlight video:


  • Only provide game footage

  • Camera view should not be obstructed

  • Should be filmed on lined field

  • Identify who you are before the play with highlighted arrow and circle (but only at beginning of play, then take it away)

  • Film all players on the field

  • No special effects of any kind

  • Do not zoom in and out of the player

  • Use a tripod for stability 

  • Do not change the speed of the film 

  • If an offensive lineman, fast forward the last 30 yards of a running backs run once out of the frame (or just cut that part out). 


Depending on what position you are, coaches want to see different abilities and skills. We have listed position-specific guidelines to follow for your video:


Punters & Kickers

  • Game and skills footage

  • Kickers

    • Kicks from 30-yard line (position camera 6ft behind and 3ft to left of kicker) 

  • Punters

    • Film from stands

    • Follow the ball

    • Show all tackles made in the play

    • Show all successful onside kicks and field goals 



  • Technique in hits and tackles

  • Footwork laterally and vertically in pass drops

  • Pressure quarterback (blitzing and knockdowns)

  • Coaches want to see good overall eyes, feet and hands


Defensive Linesman

  • Forced fumbles

  • Quarterback pressures and knockdowns 

  • Tackles for loss

  • Technique in spins, swims and rips 



  • Touchdown passes

  • Out passes

  • Good footwork

  • Precision passes

  • Deep throws

  • Highlights running QB

  • Rushing touchdowns


Running Backs

  • All touchdowns

  • Yards after contact

  • Breakaway runs

Offensive Linesman

  • Knockdowns

  • Good Technique

  • Good agility and balance

  • Blocks


Long Snapper

  • Skills and game footage

  • Position camera 5 yards in front of snapper and a few feet to the side

  • Show punter catching the snap

  • Include camera view showcasing technique


College football recruiting is highly competitive and requires you to get access to college coaches. This is where ImRecruitable can provide you with a competitive edge and 10x your chances to get recruited! We can connect you with EVERY college and coach to help you maximize your exposure and opportunities. It takes one minute to register and then your football profile will be accessible to college coaches: The decision makers! Click Here to create our FREE profile.


Tarek Merchant

Recruiting Expert, CEO/Founder - ImRecruitable 

"It's never too early or late to start your recruiting process! There is an opportunity for everyone, so start your recruiting profile today and give yourself the best chance to play college sports and earn a college degree."

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