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Athlete Testimonials

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Rafael Frias IV, Class of 2023

Kenyon College

"This has been an amazing experience and thank you for all the help, support and guidance. The process was exciting and fun when working with ImRecruitable. Thank you for helping me commit to a college of choice.”


Antonio Justo, Class of 2023

Montreat College

“Thank you for making this process enjoyable and not as stressful as many people told me it would be. Thank you for all the guidance and support and for helping me connect with the right college coaches. It was much appreciated.”


Shayne Lim, Class of 2021

Taylor University


“Thank you so much for helping me through this process and helping me contact all the great college coaches. With many choices, I decided to go with Taylor University and I am so happy with my decision."


Jean-Marc Chevrotiere, Class of 2022
Kentucky State University


"Thank you so much for all the help you provided in this short period of time I had. I got so many offers from colleges even though I was late in the process. I’m excited now for my college golf journey."


Lily Chitambar, Class of 2023

8.73 UTR
Campbell University Tennis Player

“What an amazing experience working with ImRecruitable. Couldn't have done it without you guys and our family appreciates everything you have done to put a smile on my face! I recommend everyone use ImRecruitable 100%”

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Pierce Garbett, Class of 2023

10.07 UTR

Brandeis University Tennis Player

"This has been an amazing experience and thank you for all the guidance. I’m excited for this new college experience and to compete at the college level."

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Sid Tirupati, Class of 2022

8.02 UTR

University of Rochester Tennis Player

"Being an international student-athlete, it helped so much being part of the ImRecruitable family and helping me connect with the schools I was most interested in. Thank you so much and I will recommend ImRecruitable to other friends and family."

"I love that ImRecruitable has all the tools I need to get recruited!"

Athlete | Class of 2020 | Hamilton College

"It’s so easy to use! I could find any college coaches and discover new colleges"

Athlete | Class of 2018 | Drexel University

"I loved the coach activity feature. Seeing which coaches were searching, viewing and following my profile helped me figure out what coaches were interested in recruiting me."

Athlete | Class of 2019 | Drake University


“ImRecruitable helped me find the right college! I couldn't be happier with my decision!”

Athlete | Class of 2020 | Northern Kentucky University  

"I wish I started using this as a freshman. I can find every college that offers my sport, track my coach activity and it's all on ImRecruitable!"

Athlete | Class of 2020 | Haverford College​

"Seeing which coaches are following me is really cool. It made it easy for me to understand what types of colleges are a fit for me."

Athlete | Class of 2018 | College of the Holy Cross

"Creating my profile was fun. I didn’t have to think about what to put in it.  When I sent it to coaches, they were able to evaluate me as a prospect a lot faster than when I tried to create a profile myself." 

Athlete | Class of 2019 | University of Louisville

“I didn’t think it would be so easy to connect with coaches. I already have so many coaches interested in recruiting me. This is so exciting!”

Athlete | Class of 2018 | University of North Dakota


“Through ImRecruitable, I made connections with college coaches and it opened doors for me that I wouldn't have opportunities with on my own.”

Athlete | Class of 2019 | Denver University

“I used ImRecruitable to manage my target list of schools. My list changed a lot while I was getting recruited, so this helped me a lot!”

Athlete | Class of 2016 | University of North Florida

Parent Testimonials

"As a parent, this whole process is confusing and scary. ImRecruitable simplified it for my son and I." 

Parent | Class of 2018 | Georgetown University

"ImRecruitable has all the tools for my child to go through the recruiting process and find a great college."

Parent | Class of 2016 | Princeton University​

"I decided to use ImRecruitable after my daughter told me about it. She got into her dream school. It was the best decision we ever made!"

Parent | Class of 2019 | University of Pennsylvania

“Having a platform that gives you access to any college coach was the most helpful. It was easy to get in contact with coaches and start the communication process with them for my daughter.”

Parent | Class of 2020 | Wilkes University 

“We have recommended several families to use ImRecruitable. Using their platform and being able to connect and communicate with coaches of interest was very useful for finding my son a great institution to attend.” 

Parent | Class of 2018 | Amherst College

“We checked my son’s coach activity weekly and found so many great options we didn’t even know about. 

Parent | Class of 2018 | Brandeis University


“We were overwhelmed with the amount of interest from coaches. We never expected so much activity. My son has a new found level of confidence.”

Parent | Class of 2018 | Amherst College

"Thanks to ImRecruitable's help and knowledge, my son is very happy at his new school and with his tennis team. He has played singles and doubles in every match this season and this past weekend they won their conference tournament and are heading to the Nationals. My son will remember yesterday forever; he is thrilled and is finally living the US college team experience he was striving for. Thanks a lot for helping him make this happen!"

Parent | Class of 2020 | Texas Wesleyan University 

Coach Testimonials

"ImRecruitable has the best profile setup for athletes. It allows coaches to quickly evaluate a prospect."

Coach | D3 | NESCAC

"ImRecruitable has allowed me to find many great recruits for my program. I like it the most because it's very easy to use."

Coach | D2 | GLIAC

"As a college coach, I can login to discover and evaluate top talent from around the world."

Coach | D1 | SEC


“I can filter my search and find athletes that fit my recruiting needs.”

Coach | D2 | Sunshine Conference


“I can easily search for athletes interested in my school and team. This is a great tool for me!"

​Coach | D1 | Patriot League 


"ImRecruitable has all the tools to help me identify prospects. I would highly recommend athletes, parents and coaches to use it!"

Coach | D1 | Ivy League

“ImRecruitable is a trusted online network of athletes. I have recruited several players over the years who have helped me build a successful team!" 

Coach | NAIA | Heart of America Conference

"Very easy to use and find great fit recruits for my program" 

Coach | D2 | SSC

“I can show interest and connect with athletes with a click of a button.”

Coach | D3 | A-SUN  

"Love it! Been using it for 2 years and it has everything a college coach needs to evaluate recruits"

Coach | D2 | GLVC


"I take my recruiting very serious and ImRecruitable saves me a lot of time. Great filtering options to find the best fit recruits a coach would be looking for"

Coach | D2 | PacWest

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