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College tennis offers athletes the opportunity to play against high-level competition while also studying at a University. There are many levels of college tennis and the highest can be a pathway to the pro circuit where you may have your chance to  play in a grand slam tournament like Wimbledon!


​College tennis is a popular and competitive NCAA sport with many international players on college rosters. Unlike most sports, college tennis has over 30% of foreign players. International athletes are looking for an opportunity and are active in gaining the necessary exposure to get recruited. With this in mind, it is  incredibly important for college tennis prospects to get exposure to college coaches. 


If you want to maximize your exposure and be seen by college coaches you need to create an online recruiting profile with an NCAA verified third party. Your profile allows college coaches to properly assess you as a prospect because it includes all the information they want to see such as  your recruiting video, key stats (UTR), academic level (GPA) and contact information.​


  • Maximize your potential: Learn and apply the values that are useful in all aspects in life. College sport teaches you the importance of teamwork, leadership, goal setting, work ethic, time management, discipline and handling pressure.

  • Develop relationships and make connections: The network you create from your sport can open the door for many things in life including job opportunities, friendships and partnerships.

  • Live a healthier lifestyle: Regular exercise helps boost immunity and contributes to overall physical health. 


The following table numerically summarizes the availability of men's tennis scholarships across the United States. Note: This shows the number of maximum scholarships a college can provide. This is called “fully funded”. However, many colleges do not have the maximum and therefore the number of total scholarships can be less than shown in the table. Athletic scholarships at colleges change yearly with increases and decreases, so you cannot fully determine who has available scholarships except by joining a network like ImRecruitable where you can find out directly what is available from the coaches. 


Knowing what to include can be difficult, so we have listed some guidelines to follow when filming your highlight video. Coaches now prefer a set of unedited match play against an equal or better competitor. Skills videos are important to some coaches but should be no longer than 5 minutes. Majority of your video should be live match footage. 


  • Do not film through a fence or any other kind of impeding material.

  • Do not follow the ball while filming, or move the camera around (a tripod is very helpful!)

  • Do not zoom in and out on the player.

  • Ball should always be seen.

  • Player should always be in the picture, despite where they are on the court.

  • Only the showcasing player should be in the film.

  • Camera should be stationed at the back of the court, while player is on the same side, as well as shots of the player on the other side of the court. 

  • Take rally and match footage. 

  • Have a short blurb at the beginning of the video introducing yourself.



  • 10 forehands

  • 10 backhands

  • 8-10 forehand volleys

  • 8-10 backhand volleys

  • 5 overheads

  • 10 serves on each side of the court (5 first serves, 5 second serves)

  • 5-7 service returns on each side of the court.

Insider video tips from Tarek Merchant - ImRecruitable - Founder:

"Highlight videos play a crucial role for student-athletes in their recruiting process. Coaches start by evaluating prospects videos online."

"In tennis, college coaches want to see footage of a competitive match. You can film and upload up to one set for a coach to watch. Some coaches may also want to see five minutes of your skills. Do both and you will satisfy all coaches."


College tennis recruiting is highly competitive and requires you to get access to college coaches. This is where IMRecruitable can provide you with a competitive edge and 10x your chances to get recruited! We can connect you with EVERY college and coach to help you maximize your exposure and opportunities. It takes one minute to register and then your tennis profile will be accessible to college coaches: The decision makers! Click Here to create our FREE profile.


Tarek Merchant

Recruiting Expert, CEO/Founder - ImRecruitable 

"It's never too early or late to start your recruiting process! There is an opportunity for everyone, so start your recruiting profile today and give yourself the best chance to play college sports and earn a college degree."

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