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Recruiting Made Easy For

College Coaches

How ImRecruitable helps you build a winning roster!

Filter to find the best recruits

With thousands of recruits on our platform, you can filter to your specific recruiting needs and find the best athletes for your program

View athlete profiles

Click on athletes profiles and access highlight videos, transcripts, test scores, athletic stats, contact information, and more!

Follow and manage your recruits

Coaches can follow prospective recruits and export all their information to an excel sheet and upload to your compliance software such as front rush. 

Interested recruits

Get notified when a recruit is interested in your school and also filter athlete activity in our platform 

Athletes Verified Stamp of Approval 

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 2.28.55 PM.png

Athletes with a verified stamp of approval have gone through our verification process. 

Search Athletes and Build Your
Winning Team

Filter athletes based on specific recruiting needs that would be good fit for your program

Export a recruit's information

See which athletes are interested in your school and last school view


​Click athlete to view full profile

Follow recruits you're interested in

Enter your MINIMUM recruiting needs that recruits can match up with

Academic/Athletic Preferences & Additional Info

  • Enter your team's minimum academic requirements

  • Enter your minimum athletic preferences to match up with your preferred recruits

  • Tell prospects about your school and team

Program Info

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10.04.43
  • Enter your program information, team size, if athlete scholarships are available, etc.

Roster Openings

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10.02.40
  • List spots your team is looking to fill. Include year, position and details.

your ImRecruitable Coach Account to find the best fit recruits for your program!

How To - Different filter options

How To - Search for specific grad year

How To - Search for specific athletic stat

How To - Search for specific academic stat

How To - View a recruiting profile

How To - Switch Sports

How To - Follow a recruit

How To - See which recruits are interested in your program

How To - Export recruits

How To - Add recruiting needs

How To - Verified Athlete Stamp Of Approval


Coach | NAIA | Heart of America Conference

“ImRecruitable is a trusted online network of athletes. I have recruited several players over the years who have helped me build a successful team!" 


Coach | D1 | Ivy League

"ImRecruitable helps me identify prospects. I would highly recommend athletes, parents and coaches to use it!"


Coach | D2 | GLIAC

"ImRecruitable has allowed me to find many great recruits for my program. I like it the most because it's very easy to use."

NESCAC-Logo (1).jpeg

Coach | D3 | NESCAC

"ImRecruitable has the best profile setup for athletes. It allows coaches to quickly evaluate a prospect."


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