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ImRecruitable unveils new website and messaging

ImRecruitable (pronounced I'm Recruitable), an online recruiting platform, has launched a new website to support student-athletes with the collegiate recruiting process by allowing them to

build a personalized athletic/academic profile, get discovered, make connections with college coaches and commit to play college sports.

Tarek Merchant, CEO and founder of ImRecruitable, wants to help streamline the complex recruiting process by giving students the option to upload recruiting videos, add key statistics related to their sport, include their academic scores, and place them all on one site. Additionally, the platform has a complete database of every college that offers a student’s sport in which the search can be narrowed down based on factors such as collegiate division, tuition fees, majors and many more.

College coaches can also list their recruiting needs, search prospects and have the option to connect with athletes that could be a good fit for their program based on their athletic results and academic scores. With these features, coaches create activity on the athletes profiles to facilitate the interest for recruitment.

“Our goal is for students to take charge of their own recruiting by helping them make connections with college coaches and get discovered by schools they are looking to apply to.” said Merchant. “For college coaches, we want to provide them with an easy to use tool so they can find players that fit their recruiting needs.”

Merchant believes that technology will be a driving force behind identifying prospects during the recruitment process. When a student creates a profile, they can monitor activity and view the coaches that are looking at their profile, the amount of followers and if they appear in a coaches search. Moreover, he draws a direct parallel to LinkedIn in the way the platform focuses on making connections.

“I believe that ImRecruitable is the LinkedIn for high school athletes and college coaches because we can provide the tools, network and connections for easy recruitment,” said Merchant. “The recruiting process can feel like applying to jobs, so we want to provide all athletes with the best resource and opportunities available.”

About ImRecruitable:

To create your FREE online profile with ImRecruitable go to and choose if you are an athlete, a parent or a college coach. Once you sign up, you can begin to build your profile and connect with athletes, colleges and coaches.

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