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Creating a Recruiting Video


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Creating a Recruiting Video

Creating a Recruiting Video

The Important Role of Highlight and Skills Videos in Recruiting


Since college coaches cannot travel to evaluate every potential recruit, highlight and skill videos give student-athletes the chance to showcase their skills to coaches. In reality, online recruiting profiles with a highlight video receive 10 times more views. These videos can ultimately result in a student-athlete getting on a coach’s radar.

Highlight and Skills Videos

Highlight video:

  • Clips of game footage that showcase a player’s abilities

Skills Video:

  • Series of sport-specific actions outside of a game setting

  • Can help showcase technical and skill abilities


When and How Does an Athlete Get Footage?


It is never a bad idea to start collecting video clips early in one’s high school career. Video clips from earlier in high school may not be used in the final video; however, it is still wise to collect tape over a period of time to maximize the quality of a recruiting video. In general, an athlete should aim to have created their highlight video by the end of their junior year. It is important that this video features varsity level competition.

Methods of getting a video:

  • Prior to the start of an athlete’s junior season, they should find out whether their coach takes video. If so, a player should ask for a copy of the broken-down footage following games.

  • Ask family members of other teammates for footage they recorded

  • Rent or purchase a camera and tripod to shoot

  • Have a family member or friend record videos of games

Once video equipment is secured, ensure to follow best filming practices:

  • Clips over numerous games

  • Film with a clear view of the athlete

  • Keep cheering to a minimum if next to the camera


How to put together a highlight video?

  • Include the highlights coaches would be looking for

  • Keep video to roughly 3 to 5 minutes

  • Showcase best clips first

  • Use freeze frames and/or spot shadows

  • Add a variety of skills to videos (ex. For basketball, 3 pointers, defending, perimeter shot, etc.)

  • Include before and after play footage (coaches want to see how players communicate and react during gameplay, not only how they execute)

  • Ensure video is of high quality

  • Keep it simple (no need for special effects nor music)

  • Provide information along the video (name, school, jersey #, measurements, weight, etc.)

The Goalkeeper

When and How Does an Athlete Send Out the Video?


The video should first be added to one’s ImRecruitable profile. With the high volume of coaches browsing through ImRecruitable profiles, an athlete adding a video to their profile will significantly increase their chances of being spotted by a college coach. Secondly, the video should be added to hosting platforms such as Youtube or Hudl. Once uploaded to these hosting platforms, a player will receive a unique url link. When emailing coaches, it is important for athletes to include the link to their highlight video.

What Occurs After an Athlete Sends their Highlight Video to a Coach?


It is crucial for athletes to follow up with coaches once they have sent their video. After a few days, an athlete should send a follow up email or a call. Furthermore, as one progresses through their athletic career, it is important for them to continue to update their highlight video with newer, improved content. This can also be a good reason for reaching out to a coach again and ultimately building a stronger relationship with them.

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