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Here are your guides and tutorials on how ImRecruitable works and what you need to do to position yourself to get discovered by college coaches and commit to play your sport at the next level!

Basic Info


Basic Membership - $0

Monthly Premium Membership - $29.99/month

Lifetime Premium Membership - $99 valued at $299

About ImRecruitable


ImRecruitable is the most trusted recruiting network where high school athletes and over 30,000 college coaches discover and connect with each other to make and build college teams. 

Main Features

  • Build a recruiting profile to attract college coaches and highlight your achievements

  • Filter and find colleges by selecting attributes important to you

  • Find out which coaches have viewed your profile, following and tracking you as a potential recruit and the number of times your profile has appeared in a coaches search

  • Manage your favorite schools and create your own target school list

Getting Started With ImRecruitable

Getting set up with ImRecruitable is simple and quick. We will guide you through ImRecruitable with simplicity in mind and have you set up to get discovered by college coaches in no time!

Tutorial on How ImRecruitable Works

Profile Summary Tab

This section shows you how much you’ve completed your overall profile. It consists of steps to follow to help complete your profile. Each step complete will add on the total percentage completed. Closer to 100% complete, the more coach activity you will receive and will be able to get discovered a lot quicker.

Profile Video Tab

Here you want to add your recruiting highlight videos. College coaches will come to watch and review your athletic ability and be able to evaluate you. You are able to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Hudl. 


Video Tab Includes:

  1. Upload Videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Hudl

  2. Delete Videos

To add a video:

  1. Select which file you will use 

    1. YouTube

    2. Vimeo

    3. Hudl

  2. Enter title for you video

  3. Copy and paste your link from file used

  4. Click Add

  5. Delete a video 

    1. Click “Delete Video” beside the uploaded video

Profile Key Stats Tab

Here you want to enter all your key stats for your specific sport. This will help college coaches find specific levels of recruits they are looking for. Each sport will have its own stats criteria. Fill in as many stats as possible for college coaches to get the best understanding of your athletic level. 

Key Stats Tab Includes:

  1. Change your sport if required

  2. Physical Stats

  3. Position (team sport)

    1. Primary Position

    2. Secondary Position

  4. Athletic Stats

  5. Coach References

  6. Any Additional Information 

    1. additional information can include awards, victories, results etc.

Profile Academics Tab

Playing college sports is not just about the sport but most importantly about academics. Update this section with as many academic transcripts from freshman to senior year and also include your test scores (SAT, ACT, TOEFL) once you've completed them. This is a very important section of your profile because college coaches need to know whether you’d be accepted through admissions first prior to getting you on their roster. 

Academics Tab Includes:

  1. High School Information

  2. Grades 

    1. GPA (Grade Point Average)

  3. Academic Files (Upload Transcript, Report Cards, ACT/SAT/TOEFL Scores)

    1. Click “Add New+” to upload academic file

    2. Enter “Description” of academic file

    3. Select “Type” of academic file

    4. Click “Upload”

  4. Major Intended 

    1. Select which Major Category you are interested in

    2. Select your Major 

      1. You can select multiple majors

  5. Eligibility 

    1. NCAA Eligibility ID

    2. NAIA Eligibility ID

  6. Other Academic Information

    1. Enter your personal academic notes (ex: achievements)

Profile My Info Tab

Here you want to put as much information as possible because this is where college coaches can get your main contact information to get in touch with you and start the recruiting conversation. 

Profile My Info Tab Includes:

  1. Personal information

  2. Contact Information

  3. Parent/Guardian Information

  4. Address

  5. Personal Statement

    1. Enter a personal statement about yourself

Find Colleges Tab

Here you can search and filter specific colleges you may be looking for and also view all the schools general information information. All the information you need to know from campus life to recruiting needs can be found here. Also, each time you favorite a school, the coach will get a notification of your interest.

Find College Tab Includes:

  1. Search by:

    1. College name

    2. Location

    3. Collegiate division

    4. Academic selectivity 

    5. College enrollment 

    6. Tuition fees 

    7. Majors

    8. College setting

    9. Public/Private

  2. College Overview - When you click on a specific college you will get the complete overview of the college which includes:

    1. Full Overview

    2. Recruiting 

      1. Coaches contact information

      2. Coaches Recruiting Needs 

    3. Cost & Financial Aid 

    4. Admissions

      1. General Information

      2. Contact information

      3. Application Deadlines

      4. Student Body Averages

    5. Academics

      1. Includes majors the school offers

    6. Campus Life

      1. Demographics

      2. Location

      3. Housing

  3. Favorite Colleges 

    1. Each time you favorite a school, the coach will get a notification of your interest.

  4. Email

    1. Email coaches directly by clicking “Email” button next to the college

Coach Activity Tab

Here is where you can see all the colleges that are viewing your profile, following you and searching for a potential recruit like you. 

Basic Membership: With the basic membership you will be able to see which Division (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, NJCAA) and location (State) the colleges are from. This will give you an idea of which colleges are showing interest.

Premium Membership: With the premium membership you will unlock features and be able to see exactly which colleges are interested in you. When you click on the college you will also be able to get all the coaches direct contact information and be able to reach out to the coaches. 

Coach Activity Tab Includes:

  1. Profile Views

    1. The total number of times a coach has viewed your profile


    1. The total number of coaches tracking you as a potential recruit

  3. Searches

    1. The total number of times your profile has appeared in a coaches search

  4. Favorited

    1. You can favorite the schools you have interest in which will show college coaches their is mutual interest

  5. Filter - You have the option to use different filters such as:

    1. Profile views


    3. Searches

    4. Last activity date

    5. Last view date

Favorites Tab

In the favorites tab, this is your place to keep track of the schools you are interested in and create your own personal target list. You can then remove schools off your list once you start narrowing down your options. College coaches will only be notified when you favorite their school but not if you remove them off your list. 

Favorites Tab Includes:

  1. The schools you favorite will be added to this list

  2. Remove schools

  3. Email coaches directly

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