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Best Division Three Schools In California Women's Tennis

How Many D3 Women's Tennis Programs Are There In California?

Division 3 women's tennis colleges are known for their academic excellence and many forms of grants. For example, they offer academic scholarships for tennis that can also help pay your tuition costs! Potential NCAA D3 athletes should consider all these benefits before deciding where to attend college in California. Think about what it will take financially and whether or not there is an institution that caters specifically to you personally with personalized attention.

Division 3 California Women's Tennis Power Rankings

ImRecruitable's power rankings factor in California D3 women's colleges' other features rather than just performance on the court. These are our findings for Division Three Schools In California that offer academic Tennis Scholarships.

  1. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges

  2. Pomona-Pitzer Colleges

  3. California Institute of Technology

  4. University of Redlands

  5. Chapman University

  6. California Lutheran University

  7. U.C. Santa Cruz

  8. Occidental College

  9. Whittier College

  10. Mills College (Calif.)

Women's Tennis D3 Collegiate Process

Women's college tennis recruiting can be a daunting process, especially for the student-athlete who needs to learn how to research her options or market herself properly. However, with so many colleges offering women's programs that attract talent from all over America and internationally, there have never been more opportunities than now! In our guide on finding your perfect fit, we outline each step to help you set yourself up for success, including what type of school is right for you academically, athletically, socially, financially, etc...

The college recruiting process for tennis and many other collegiate sports is much like the game of tennis itself. First, you've got to start by researching and building up your list; then, you can start looking for schools that are right for you but don't stop there! It's also essential at this point in a period where players should focus on their relationships with coaches and competing hard in tournaments. Hence, they maintain eligibility while maintaining high rankings among other talented competitors who want what he has too (i mean, come one)! You can get your free account at ImRecruitable to start your collegiate scholarship process.

ImRecruitable Resources: Division 3 Schools In California

•ImRecruitable provides a college Women's Tennis scholarship analysis for athletes in California, detailing available academic, athletic, merit-based, and needs-based opportunities.

• 10 NCAA Division 3 college programs in California offer Women's Tennis academic scholarships.

• Student-athletes can research colleges of interest and explore majors, admission requirements, coaching staff, and more.

• ImRecruitable offers assistance with researching schools, communicating with coaches, and tracking recruiting activity.

Create Your BEST Tennis Recruiting Video

College coaches want to know three things about you when they watch your video. The first is what type of player you are, the second is how well you can play on clay or hard courts, and the third is whether they would be a perfect fit for their program based on those two factors alone!

More Tennis Scholarship Resources:

Women's Tennis Division 3 California Schools

Are you looking for a division three NCAA California school for women's tennis scholarships? Well, they don't offer athletic Scholarships in NCAA Division III. They only provide academic scholarships.

When Do You Want To Start Your Recruiting Process?

Get your recruiting started as early as possible by your first year in high school. Still, if you're a junior or a senior at some point, you can find a school that fits you, especially in the NCAA Division III.

D3 Women's Tennis Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges

First up is the Claremont mud, Scripps colleges, probably the number one division: three women's tennis program in California. It looks like they've won an Interstate title or a national title.

Their roster is pretty strong. But, again, they have an 8.88 utr number. But, again, one on the ranking scale, so they're a pretty demanding program to begin our list of the top three D3 California Schools.

Division III Women's Tennis Pomona-Pitzer Colleges

Next up is Pomona-Pitzer Colleges. They've got a 51.67 UTR power rating; they're the second-best team in NCAA division three in California. They've got a number one player, 9.06 on the UTR scale. So this is a good school for student-athletes who want to apply for academic scholarships if they have a 7.0 UTR.

Division 3 Women's Tennis California Institute of Technology

Our final top D3 California Tennis School is the California Institute of Technology rounds out the top three at 45.54 on the power rating. Their top girl is an 8.13 on the UTR. So if you're interested in learning about your tennis scholarship capabilities, ImRecruitable is committed to your academics to help the dream of college be a reality.

Are you ready to be recruited to a division 3 school in California?

Do you want to play college tennis? Well, especially in California, it will be tricky if you have a lower UTR score. However, there are always more opportunities besides the D3 schools in California, so keep going and get your free account at ImRecruitable. Sign Up Today.



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