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Finding the Best Fit Colleges


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Finding the Best Fit Colleges

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Finding the Right Fit College

Finding the Best Fit Colleges


College Budget 5:45

Academic requirements 8:13 Athletic goals 9:56

Personal Preferences 13:30

Put your criteria in writing 16:02

Create a list of target schools 17:08

Have an open mind 22:52

Do your research 28:00

Find your fit 35:10

Decision making 39:25

How to Choose the "Best" School?

It is important to identify a “fit” in the following categories: academics, athletics, and finances.

Academic Fit:

It is important for athletes to gain an understanding of the academic requirements at each school they are interested in. A school’s website is great method of getting an understanding of the breath of academic focus and difficulty. It is also crucial for athletes to determine the amount of time they want to allocate to academics and their courses.

Athletic Fit:


Athletes should focus on finding a school in a division that best fits their athletic level. Outside of D1 collegiate sports, D2, D3, and NAIA or even junior college can offer athletes great opportunities and scholarships.

Financial Fit:


How much can an athlete’s family afford to pay? Consider athletic scholarships and financial aid at schools.

Social Fit:


Does an athlete see themselves spending the next four years at this specific school? Athletes should attend a school that makes them feel comfortable, whether that is staying close to home, having a strong social scene, etc.

College Search tips

  • Target schools (realistic chance of getting in and will attain “fit”)

  • Dream schools (stretches)

  • Safety schools (back-ups)

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