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Managing the Recruiting Process


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Cost of Attendance

Finding the Right Fit College


College Budget 5:45

Academic requirements 8:13 Athletic goals 9:56

Personal Preferences 13:30

Put your criteria in writing 16:02

Create a list of target schools 17:08

Have an open mind 22:52

Do your research 28:00

Find your fit 35:10

Decision making 39:25

The Differences in Athletic Scholarship Offers


Athletic scholarships greatly differ between divisions, schools, and sports. In reality, very few student-athletes receive full scholarships, and they are only typically given to head count sports (DI basketball, DI-A men’s football, DI basketball, tennis, volleyball and women’s gymnastics). The majority of student-athletes are also offered scholarships based on a percentage of the total cost of school.

Compare the Cost of Attendance for All Schools


When comparing colleges, it is also important to account for all expenses of attendance such as living expenses, tuition, books, and food. Private schools typically have higher costs of attendance, and in-state tuition is significantly cheaper than out-of-state.

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Add Other Forms of Aid


College athletes are able to combine athletic scholarships with other forms of aid such as financial aid and other scholarships. Such options include academic scholarships, merit scholarships, need-based scholarships, and private scholarships.

Find the Most Financially Attractive Option


Once done adding up all expenses and deducting all forms of scholarships and aid, an athlete and their family should compare the net cost of attendance of all programs to see whether one school might be more financially attractive. However, scholarship offers are only valid for one year, so it is important to have a plan in place in case a scholarship is not renewed.

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