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Managing the Recruiting Process


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Staying in Contact With Coaches

Contacting College Coaches


A freshman who is being heavily recruited should check in with their target schools roughly every two months. In junior year, it is important for an athlete to start communicating more often—probably one a month. As a senior, communication with coaches should be every two or three weeks. Additionally, when communicating with coaches, it is important to not message or call them at unfavorable hours. Typically, during the workday (9am-5pm) is a good time frame to communicate with a coach.

Insider Tip: If a coach contacts an athlete, they should make it a priority to get back to them within 24 hours. The key to communicating successfully with college coaches is to be both persistent and respectful.


Reasons an Athlete Might Contact a College Coach

  • New highlight or skills video

  • New stats or results that demonstrate improvement

  • Higher SAT or ACT, as well as updating a coach on grades, GPA or NCAA core course requirements

  • Informing a coach on one’s attendance at their camp

  • Asking them about additional information they may require

  • Visiting their school

  • Received an honor, reward, or academic recognition

  • Received a scholarship offer from another university

  • Sharing training, tournament, or camp schedule

  • Asking whether they will offer a scholarship or an official visit

  • Follow up thank you after visiting campus / team

  • Setting up a chat to learn more about their program

  • Advice on how to improve athletic skills and techniques

  • Signed up for NCAA or NCAA Eligibility Center, requested NCAA amateurism certification or the NCAA Eligibility Center granted eligibility at their school

Methods of Communication in College Sports Recruiting

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Text

  • Social media

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