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Managing the Recruiting Process


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Maximizing Athletic Scholarship Offers

Three Reasons a College Coach Would Increase a Scholarship Offer

  • Avoid losing a recruit to another school

  • More money is available to coaches later in the process

  • A recruit improves significantly which increases their value to the team

Leveraging Other Offers to Maximize an Athletic Scholarship


When negotiating an athletic scholarship, one of the best forms of leverage is by having many offers from other schools, especially rivals. Thus, it is important for student-athletes to continue conversations with numerous schools. Student-athletes should ideally have at least five schools showing interest in them.


Athletes Have Time to Communicate with Other Coaches After the Initial Offer


It is totally acceptable to ask a college coach for time to think about an offer. The coach could give an athlete between one or two weeks to decide. During this time frame, it is wise for recruits to talk to other top choice program coaches to inform them of their offer and to know where they are at on the list of recruits at that school. This demonstrates that a student-athlete is interested in the program and gives the coach an understanding of their situation.

Negotiating an Athletic Scholarship Offer Based on Expected Contribution


It is important for a student-athlete to calculate what their family will have to pay after scholarships and aid. Also, the cost of books, room, and other fees should be included in the calculation. Once a student-athlete’s family has an idea of what they will have to pay, they can go back to their top school and negotiate a best offer.

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