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Contacting College Coaches


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Emailing College Coaches

Contacting College Coaches


When can you contact coaches 2:16

Get coaches contact information 7:07

How to initiate first contact 9:13

Responding to interest from coaches 29:05

What are you trying to get out of the first contact 36:33

Writing the Subject Line


When writing a subject line, the following pieces of information should be included: grad year, position, state (if emailing local coach), and a piece of information that is unique to the athlete.

Examples include:

2020 linebacker, 6’2,  220lbs, 4.6 40yd dash

2021 from IL, 23.25-second 50 free

When creating a subject line, think about the following information:

  • What is important for the coach to know

  • Keep it within 50 characters

  • Use numbers and stats

What to Include in Emails to College Coaches

  • General information: name, graduation year, high school and club name

  • Academics: GPA and standardized test scores

  • Athletics: sport stats

  • Contact information: cell phone and email

How Much Information Do Athletes Need to Include in Emails to a Coaches?


Since it is an introductory email, there is no need for an athlete to give a coach an entire background on their history. Alternatively, they should include a few key stats (academic and athletic), why they are interested in the school and athletic program, and a highlight video. At the end of the email, an athlete should specifically tell the coach what they will be doing next. That can include planning on following up with a call, a campus visit, etc.

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