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Contacting College Coaches


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Texting College Coaches

Contacting College Coaches


When can you contact coaches 2:16

Get coaches contact information 7:07

How to initiate first contact 9:13

Responding to interest from coaches 29:05

What are you trying to get out of the first contact 36:33

When Does Texting a College Coach Typically Start?


The texting stage typically starts after a few introductory emails. This stage is great to communicate with coaches in more of a casual and convenient way. However, it is important to continue to send appropriate texts and avoid jargon.

NCAA Rules: Texting College Coaches


For the majority of sports, D1 coaches are permitted to send an unlimited amount of texts to recruits as of June 15 of their sophomore year in high school or September 1 of their junior year. 

What to Include in a Text to a College Coach


Coaches will most likely search up a player’s statistics and results on their own. Thus, when an athlete communicates with a coach, it is extremely important that they address why they want to play for the program, what about the school interests them, and to demonstrate strong character. Also, a good way to demonstrate the above criteria to a coach is by doing some research.

Some ways to start the conversation with a coach via text include:

  • Congratulating a coach on a win

  • Mentioning a positive statistic about their program

  • Thanking a coach for looking over a highlight video or coming to a competition

Checklist for an Athlete to Cover Before Sending a Text to a College Coach

  • No grammar mistakes

  • No profane language or racial slurs

  • Not a weird time of day

  • Not already many unanswered texts (if so, perhaps an athlete should find a different mode of communication such as social media, email, or cell)

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