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Contacting College Coaches


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Recruiting Letters

Contacting College Coaches


When can you contact coaches 2:16

Get coaches contact information 7:07

How to initiate first contact 9:13

Responding to interest from coaches 29:05

What are you trying to get out of the first contact 36:33

Personalized Recruiting Letters


Personalized college recruiting letters do vary, and they are often a good indicator that an athlete is being recruited by a college coach. Coaches will send this type of letter to an athlete who passed their initial evaluation.



Dear Josh,

Our program identified you as a potential candidate for our college program. We are interested in the possibility of you joining our school as a student-athlete. When you get the chance, please send us your competition schedule; therefore, we can arrange to have you evaluated in person. Please do not hesitate to each out if you have any questions at 446-888-8888.

An Athlete’s Reply: An athlete who receives such a letter should reply as soon as possible with their upcoming schedule. The athlete should also follow up with a phone call and plan on visiting the campus.

Handwritten Recruiting Letters, Graphics And Contact Information


If an athlete receives a handwritten college recruiting letter and custom graphics, this is a clear sign that they are a top recruit. Coaches send these type of letters to impress their top recruits and to demonstrate that they are high-value recruits for the program.


Dear Jonathan,

Our program staff has identified you as a top recruit this year. We enjoyed watching you play in Atlanta, and with many seniors graduating from our team this year, we hope you are interested in our program and would help carry on the tradition of excellence of this program.

Please fill out the attached player profile. We look forward to seeing you compete in the near future. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 333-444-555.

An Athlete’s Reply: An athlete receiving such a letter should thank the coach and ideally respond with a handwritten letter. If a coach’s number is given, an athlete should text or call the coach to let them know that they have received the letter and let them know that they are interested in their program.

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