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Contacting College Coaches


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Using Social Media in Recruiting

Contacting College Coaches


When can you contact coaches 2:16

Get coaches contact information 7:07

How to initiate first contact 9:13

Responding to interest from coaches 29:05

What are you trying to get out of the first contact 36:33

NCAA Rules: Social Media Recruiting

September 1 of junior year of high school (sending a DM): D1 football, baseball, softball, men’s lacrosse, women’s lacrosse, and women’s basketball

January 1 of sophomore year of high school (Sending a DM): D1 men’s ice hockey

June 15 after sophomore year of high school (Sending a DM): all other D1 sports and all D2 sports

In addition to sending DMs, a coach is allowed to share, retweet and favor a recruit’s post. However, they are not allowed to publicly communicate with a recruit until they commit to the program. Thus, they are not allowed to post on a recruit’s Facebook or twitter feed until they have committed.

Why Do College Coaches Use Social Media in the Recruiting Process?

  • To see which athletes have received offers from competing schools

  • To get a stronger understanding of a recruit’s personality and character

Tips for Recruits

  • Set all accounts to public so coaches can see content

  • Follow and like programs of interest

  • Send direct messages to coaches for quicker responses

  • Highlight accomplishments in posts

  • Do not post anything inappropriate

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